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Quickly, comfortably, and without harming the planet.

Spend no time and hassle getting dressed. Enjoy all-day comfort and great looks instead. Work, relax or play - make the most of your day.

All-day comfort and style

No hassle. No guilt.

How is DULO better

Easy care

Save time, energy and money thanks to the non-iron, wrinkle-resistant and machine-washable properties of DULO shirts and polos.

Easy wear

DULO's 4-way stretch fabric redefines comfort and free movement. And silver ions plus Aquamove tech make worrying about sweating a thing of the past.

Easy conscience

Help in the fight against apparel pollution. DULO products are the world's first made from 100% biodegradable performance fabric, making sure they don't become a burden on the planet at the end of their life.

100% Biodegradable


4-Way Stretch








I commute around the city on my bicycle. Since using DULO shirts, I arrive at my destination without looking or feeling sweaty. The shirts are really comfortable, fit perfectly, and I can wear them multiple times without needing to wash them. They look great too.

Erich, Amsterdam

It rarely happens that I get a clothing item in my hands that I can't stop touching :-) This shirt truly feels amazing and is a delight to wear. It even gets me compliments that I usually do not get for my white shirts. I actually look forward to time I wear this shirt. It's now in my wardrobe essentials!

Asbjørn, The Netherlands

"I am enraptured with my DULO shirt! Not only is it the best looking, most comfortable dress shirt that I have ever owned, but I know I'm doing my best for our beautiful planet too."

Paul, UK

This shirt is like wearing a cloud! As a man with a narrow waist and broad shoulders, finding a dress shirt that fits properly is rare and one that is also mobile is impossible. Until now! Incredibly comfortable and flexible! Just became my absolutely favourite shirt!

Nicholas, Canada

Immensely comfortable to wear. After a full day the shirt remains presentable, devoid of wrinkles and sweat stains. I highly recommend it, and will be keeping my eye on these guys.

Roman, Bulgaria

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One truckload of clothing is being landfilled or burnt every second

At DULO we want to contribute to solving the problem of apparel waste with biodegradable clothing, as well as technological partnerships for its afterlife. This is what we call the concept of the the 3 Rs: Reduce - Reuse - Recycle.