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Do more of what you like.

Our customers get to enjoy unprecedented comfort, effortless style and extra time from never ever having to care for their dress shirt. Which means they get to do more of what they like. Here are some happy DOers.

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Non-iron and versatile.

For travel. For work For a special occasion. For play time with your friends and family. For the dance floor. We made the perfect dress shirt to be your companion. You never have to iron a DULO and it even looks better the more you wear it.

Wearing DULO before catching a plane Wearing DULO with a suit Wearing DULO in the countryside

Performance to the core.

It will keep up with you in any environment and any situation (We've even worn it in the gym). Our innovative fabric moves with you thanks to the extra stretch and keeps bacteria and unpleasant odors at bay.

DULO best white dress shirt performance DULO best dress shirt for athletic build DULO best dress shirt to win

Wash it. Hang it. Wear it.

Taking care of a DULO is magically easy. Just throw it in the washing machine, like any regular t-shirt, hang it to dry, and wear it the next time you go out to conquer the world. Without a care in the world.

DULO is the best dress shirt for every formal occasion DULO best casual dress shirt DULO is the easiest shirt to wear

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Taking care of traditional dress shirts = 2h per week

Taking care of a DULO = 0m per year


People like you have saved roughly 6,092 hours wearing DULO.


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